With our betting tips for the 3rd German League, as well as the Regionalliga, we have become big and well-known and have since become one of the best tipster services with just this specialty. Our team analyzes every 3rd league, as well as every Regionalliga game very precisely. Due to Corona, we also added the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga in 2020.

We follow all clubs and players on your social media channels, have every statistic in front of our eyes and the necessary analytical knowledge to make the best decisions and work out the most promising betting tips for the 1st Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd Liga and Regionalliga so that you will make profits with our betting tips.

You can expect up to 60 different betting tips for every matchday for all 1st Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd Liga and Regionalliga games. You can be sure that our team of experts has taken a close look at every game and only gives you betting tips that we ourselves are thoroughly convinced of.

As a rule, you can expect odds between 1.40 and 2.50, but sometimes there are also higher odds. All in all, our betting tips are usually divided into ten single bets and ten combination bets with bankroll management, as well as more than 40 additional betting tips from all other games as inspiration.

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Why the regional league?

The Regionalliga is still one of the most honest leagues in Germany. Semi-professionals and many clubs that have to struggle financially to survive. In between, some second teams of the Bundesliga clubs. An exciting mix with gift odds.

I am having trouble finding or replaying a betting tip!

No problem, with us the customer is king! Just send us a WhatsApp message or call us directly and we will help you to place your betting tip.

How can I pay?

You can pay via PayPal, credit card, Sofortüberweisung, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and Bitcoin. You can also pay for the annual package in advance via normal bank transfer.

Are you looking for lucrative soccer bets, but don’t want to concentrate on the top matches? The Bundesliga is just boring for you? Understandable. We have the following recommendation for you. Switch your betting tips to the local amateur sector, or better put, to the semi-professional sector. The betting offers of the bookmakers below the national leagues are amazingly extensive and varied. We have compiled all the relevant information about the soccer betting options in Germany for you below.

Soccer betting: The No. 1 among bookmakers

Before we come to the soccer betting in Germany in detail, it should be said that the round leather is the No. 1 in programs with the betting providers and by a huge margin. For the majority of customers is called sports betting: Soccer betting tips play. The online bookmakers are emblematic worldwide on the ball. It is irrelevant whether you prefer exotic encounters from Asia, Africa, Australia or the comparisons in South and in North America, you will find what you are looking for.

In the special focus of the sports betting providers are of course the tips in Europe. In almost all countries, the betting providers have five to six competitions on the screen. The highlights of the European soccer scene include the following leagues:

England: Premier League
Germany: Bundesliga
Spain: La Liga
Italy: Serie A
France: Ligue 1

The “big five” are where the majority of soccer bets are placed, apart from international comparisons, of course. If international matches or even World and European Championships are coming up, these almost always break the existing turnover records for betting providers. Betting tips on the Champions League and Europa League are similarly popular.

Conclusion: You will find the major national and international leagues at every reputable online bookmaker. The differences between the bookmakers are rather small when it comes to the compilation of competitions and championships. You will only find significant differences in the depth of the betting options.

Soccer is more: The other bets in Germany

In Germany, the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga dominate the betting scene. The highest divisions can be found without gaps at all bookmakers. The top providers equip the matches in the upper house with partly over 500 betting markets. If you want to place Bundesliga bets, you have a huge portfolio in front of you. But what’s the next step?

3rd league

According to our soccer betting experiences, the 3rd league is now standard in every betting portal. It is irrelevant with which bookmaker you feel at home, betting tips on the 3rd league are always possible.

The number of 3rd division tips is above average week after week as well as in relation to the total number of match days. While “only” 18 teams play against each other in the top two divisions, there are 20 third division clubs. In eastern Germany in particular, the division has become a real spectator magnet. The German third division is home to numerous clubs that have their roots in the former GDR premier league. Notable examples include 1. FC Magdeburg, Chemnitzer FC, Hallesche FC, FSV Zwickau and FC Hansa Rostock.

The betting offer for third league tips is generally very well positioned in terms of breadth. In addition to the main markets, draw no bet tips, various handicaps, goals over/under bets, half-time/finish markets or the exact result are also available. The difference to the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga is more in the area of player tips on individual goal scorers as well as in the betting combinations from several game events. With the best bookmakers, however, you still have between 100 and 150 different betting markets on the screen for a third league match.

Regional leagues

The semi-professional sector begins with the regional leagues. The fact is always to be considered in soccer betting tips. Some clubs operate under professional conditions, while other clubs are actually amateurs. Currently, there are five regional leagues in Germany – Northeast, North, West, Southwest and Bavaria.

Bets can be placed on all the main markets in the Regionalliga, plus a few selected side options. The market leaders operate in the German Regionalliga with approximately 50 to 60 betting options per game.


The fifth-class matches of the amateur Oberliga are represented by the betting providers in a similar form as the regional leagues. The differences are almost imaginary in our experience.

There are plenty of betting tips for the top division. In Germany, there are twelve amateur leagues, whereby the league in Bavaria and in the northeast is even divided into two seasons.

While the 1st to 3rd leagues are represented by all betting providers, the wheat is separated from the chaff below them. The regional leagues and the amateur top leagues can be found at numerous online providers, but by no means at all bookmakers.

The long-term bets, i.e. the tips on the champions, promoted teams as well as relegated teams, you will find in the 3rd league at every bookmaker. The Regionalliga and Oberliga are usually left out. If you ask the customer service of the bookmakers, you can get individual odds offers on special long-term bets.

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The advantage of soccer betting tips on minor leagues

Let’s come to the decisive plus point of soccer betting tips in the semi-professional field. If you look at the betting odds in the top leagues, you will very quickly realize that the bookmakers are extremely accurate and professional. The result probabilities are estimated precisely to the point. You will find a value bet in the 1st Bundesliga or in the international top competitions only very, very rarely. The picture is different in the lower divisions.

The betting odds are determined a bit more laxly. Exactly here is your chance. If you perform a precise betting analysis and put your expertise in the amateur sector to the test, you can almost effortlessly gain an advantage over the betting provider. In the end, you will be rewarded with a plus on your betting account. Although the betting odds key is lower, the advantage is sustainable.

How to bet amateur soccer correctly

Let’s get more specific. How should you play the amateur betting tips correctly? No, there is no soccer betting strategy with which you can win all betting tips. It is impossible to have the right prediction for every match. Nevertheless, we have put together a few small tips & tricks that you should definitely take to heart.

Knowledge is the key: Knowledge is your power. Get to know the leagues and the teams. Try to collect as much information as possible about the match days and the individual games. The more comprehensive your knowledge is, the more valuable your betting predictions will be. Pay special attention to the importance of a match. Which team has to win and who can already be satisfied with a point? Especially towards the end of the season in the fight for promotion and relegation, the starting positions become extremely crucial for betting tips.
Pay attention to performance differences: Note the performance differences in the betting tips. In the 3rd league in Germany, experience shows that it’s pretty close. The old saying “Anyone can beat anyone” hits the nail on the head. In the Regionalliga and Oberliga, it’s a completely different story. The squads of the teams are put together very, very differently. There are serious differences in performance levels.
Include head-to-head comparisons (derbies): When analyzing bets, the head-to-head comparison of the clubs should always be kept in mind. Even clear favorites don’t fare well against some teams, regardless of their standings or form curve. In addition, numerous matches have derby character due to the close proximity. Special rivalries between two clubs are often reflected on the pitch.
Player absences have a serious impact: In the Bundesliga, almost every team can compensate for the absence of key players. The benches are filled with top-class players. This is by no means the case in the lower divisions. If a top player is missing due to injury or suspension, this has a direct impact on the strength of the entire eleven.
Solo tips are the way to go: In general, you should play all your soccer betting tips as solo bets. Refrain from combinations.
Plus through odds comparison: Before each betting tip, you should compare the odds between several bookmakers. Use the fluctuations between bookmakers for your personal plus.

Kick tip: Our experience has shown that the favorite odds are higher in the amateur sector than in the professional sector, due to the aforementioned laxer match assessment. For a league leader against a team from the lower regions, you can still get appealing betting odds of 1.5 or 1.6 for a home win. A soccer betting favorites strategy is definitely recommended.

Live betting on German soccer

Betting tips on the lower, German soccer leagues you do not necessarily have to submit before the game. It also works live. If a bookmaker has the fourth or fifth division in the portfolio, then you will also find the game in the live center and completely and without gaps. The 3rd league belongs anyway in every live betting offer of the sports betting portals.

The DFB Cup – amateurs against professionals

In a special light comes the amateurs in the DFB Cup. It is the largest and oldest, German soccer competition at all. In the first rounds it is always David against Goliath. Can a regional league team or even a first division team knock a professional club out of the Cup? If you manage to make a correct betting prediction at this point, you’ll get gigantic betting odds.

Let’s delve once again into the great casket of soccer phrases. When it comes to betting tips, it should always be remembered that the “cup has its own laws”. The statement is quite true in terms of betting. Year after year, teams from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga have to strike the sails from the DFB Cup already in the opening round.

You want to be in the spotlight of the DFB Cup yourself? Due to the permeability of the cup, this is theoretically even possible, even if you actually only kick in the Kreisklasse. How? You would have to win the district cup with your team, then the district cup in the following season. In the third year you win the state cup – and “already” you are in the first round of the DFB cup.

The bonus programs for amateur soccer

If you can play soccer betting tips for free, you should always take advantage of them. With the free bets of the bookmakers you can increase your balance without risk. If you put a free bet in the sand, nothing happens in return. It is true that the matches in the amateur sector are actually never provided with their own promos. The only exception to this is the “Day of the Amateurs”, on which the state cup finals are played throughout Germany.

On the other hand, there are numerous general soccer betting promos at the bookmakers, which always apply across leagues. Free bets or cashbacks are always within reach at a good bookmaker. By the way: Your betting tips in the amateur section will of course help to fulfill the turnover requirements for the normal welcome bonus. At this point, it is only important that you observe the general regulations regarding the minimum odds and any excluded betting markets.

The odds for the soccer betting tips

Let’s come back to the betting odds in the lower leagues. Due to customer demand, these are of course not to be compared with the 1st Bundesliga. However, our experience and the test have shown that the majority of betting providers now operate stably and seriously. In the rules, the odds key in the amateur Oberliga as well as in the Regionalliga is between 92 and 93 percent. The 3rd league in Germany is even slightly higher.

Also worth mentioning are the limits. Stakes in the three- or four-digit range can be played relatively easily at most bookmakers. The winning limits range from 10,000 euros to 50,000 euros per betting tip, depending on the betting provider.

Live on TV and stream – here you can watch German soccer

If you want to watch amateur soccer live, you are of course in good hands in the stadiums of the clubs. But you can also watch it on TV. The third programs of the ARD broadcast every Saturday some selected matches of the 3rd league live. In addition, there are summaries of the top matches on Sportschau at 6 p.m. The regional leagues and the Oberliga are also at home in the sports broadcasts of the third programs. In addition, a selected regional league match is broadcast live and in full on Monday evenings on Sport 1.

Another absolute TV highlight is the aforementioned “Day of the Amateurs. From noon into the evening, ARD is on conference call for state cup finals. Normally, the “Day of the Amateurs” takes place at the end of the season before the DFB Cup final.

In parallel, there are numerous matches in the livestreams of the TV stations. The best sports betting providers also have some lower-class games in their own free livestreams.

3rd league to Oberliga – the league structure

In order to give you a complete, bettable overview of German soccer, we have clearly compiled the structure below the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga.

Third division
20 teams
Place 1 and 2: Promotion
3rd place: Relegation
Place 17 to 20 relegated

Fourth division

Regional League North

18 teams
1st place: promotion
16th place: possible relegation
17th and 18th place: relegation

Regionalliga Northeast

18 teams
Place 1: Promotion
Place 14 to 17: possible relegation
18th place: relegation

Regionalliga West

18 teams
1st place: Promotion round
Place 15 to 18: possible relegation

Regionalliga Southwest

19 teams
1st place: promotion
Place 14 to 16: possible relegation
Place 17 to 19: relegation

Bavarian Regional League

18 teams
1st place: Promotion
Place 15 and 16: Relegation
17th and 18th place: relegation

Direct promotion rights in the Regionalliga rotate between the divisions from season to season.

Fifth division

Oberliga Schleswig Holstein

16 teams
1st place: Promotion
4 teams relegated

Upper league Hamburg

18 teams
1st place: Promotion round
3 to 6 relegated

Bremen League

16 teams
1st place: Promotion round
2 teams relegated

Upper league Lower Saxony

16 teams
1st place: Promotion
2nd place: Promotion round
2 to 4 relegated

Upper League Northeast

32 teams
2 Seasons
1st place: Promotion
5 to 11 relegated

Oberliga Lower Rhine

18 teams
1st place: promoted
4 teams relegated

Middle Rhine League

16 teams
1st place: promoted
3 teams relegated

Oberliga Westphalia

18 teams
1st and 2nd place: promoted
2 to 5 relegated

Oberliga Rhineland-Palatinate/Saar

18 teams
Place 1: Promotion
2nd place: Promotion
3 to 6 relegated


17 teams
1st place: Promotion
2nd place: Promotion round
3 to 5 relegated

Upper league Baden-Wuerttemberg

18 teams
1st place: Promotion
2nd place: Promotion round
2 to 5 relegated


35 teams
2 Seasons
1st place: Promotion
Place 2 and 14 to 17: Relegation
18th and 19th place: relegation

Note: In many leagues, the exact number of teams relegated depends on the number of teams that slip down from higher-class competition.

Other German soccer beyond the top divisions

At this point, we do not want to forget that German soccer betting bookmakers are even a bit broader. The end of the line has not yet been reached with the amateur top division. The top providers also include the state cups (at least in the decisive phase), the U19 Junior Bundesliga and the two highest divisions of the women in the betting offer.

5 FAQs about soccer betting tips beyond the Bundesliga

In our question and answer section, we have put together the five most important questions about soccer betting in Germany beyond the Bundesliga.

Do all betting providers have the lower division German soccer in their program?

The 3rd league can be found at every online betting provider. However, the regional and the upper leagues are not offered by all bookmakers.

When are the betting odds for the matches published?

While you will almost always have the betting tips for the Bundesliga available two or three weeks in advance, the amateur offers are published later. In our experience, you will have the desired betting odds on your screen three to four days before the match.

What are the limits for the Regionalliga and the Amateur-Oberliga?

The limits for the semi-professional area are comparatively low. As a recreational player, however, you will almost never come into contact with the betting and winning limits.

What are the differences in the betting offer to the Bundesliga?

You can bet on a win, draw or defeat on any soccer match. The most significant differences are in the depth of the betting options. In the top leagues, you can bet on virtually every player event on the pitch. In the amateur sector, the betting markets are rather limited to a basic offer.

Does it make sense to play a soccer betting strategy on lower leagues?

Yes and no. As an amateur soccer specialist, you can more than beat your bookmaker to the punch. With expertise and finesse, you’ll find multiple value bets virtually every weekend.

Conclusion on German soccer betting

Betting tips for German soccer are available for you online. You won’t miss a single match at a very good betting provider, from the 1st Bundesliga all the way down to the fifth-class amateur Oberliga. All competitions come with an appealing depth of betting options as well as slightly above average odds. With a little luck, you can play free soccer bets every week. Promos for the round leather are plentiful.

The decisive factor is choosing the right bookmaker. Betting tips on the lower leagues are legally not entirely uncontroversial in Germany. There are some sports betting providers who deliberately limit their portfolio to the first three professional leagues.