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We usually bet between 0.25 units and 2.00 units per betting tip and recommend a stake of 3% of your betting capital per unit.

The profit calculation is based on the betting tips for the 2020 season. It shows you how much money you would have made with our tips since the start of the season on January 3rd, 2020.

Of course, this is not a guarantee of future profits. The computer data is updated once a day.

In sports betting there are important and less important sports. In technical jargon, we often speak of the mainstream as well as the fringe disciplines. The betting programs of bookmakers are almost always led by King Football. Directly behind the round leather the tennis sport bets arrange themselves. The betting tips on the white sport are on the one hand extremely varied and extensive and on the other hand associated with numerous advantages for you as a user. We have compiled all the relevant information on sports betting on tennis. We have taken a closer look at the betting options, the tennis bonus programs and of course the betting odds. In addition, there are a few small tennis tips & tricks for successful betting on top.

Tennis betting tips: The portfolio of the bookmakers

You can play tennis sports betting almost all year round. Only in November and December there are almost no relevant tournaments. The highlights of the tennis tips are the four Grand Slam tournaments, which are:

Australian Open in Melbourne in January
French Open in Paris in May/June
Wimbledon in London in June/July
US Open in New York in August/September
The best men are also on the ATP Tour week after week. The tournaments vary in value, with the nine ATP World Masters standing out:

BNB Paribas Open – Indian Wells, USA
Miami Open – Miami, USA
Rolex Monte Carlo Masters – Monaco, France
Mutua Madrid Open – Madrid, Spain
Internazionali BNL d’Italia – Rome, Italy
Rogers Cup – Montreal, Canada
Western & Southern Open – Cincinnati, USA
Rolex Shanghai Masters – Shanghai, China
Rolex Paris Masters – Paris, France
On the women’s side, the match calendar on the WTA Tour is similar, with the Premier Mandatory and Premier 5 tournaments at the top, specifically:

Qatar Total Open – Doha, Qatar
BNB Paribas Open – Indian Wells, USA
Miami Open – Miami, USA
Mutua Madrid Open – Madrid, Spain
Internazionali BNL d’Italia – Rome, Italy
Rogers Cup – Montreal, Canada
Western & Southern Open – Cincinnati, USA
Wuhan Open – Wuhan, China
China Open – Beijing, China
However, this is by no means the end of tennis sports betting, on the contrary. The best bookmakers do not leave out the lower-class Challenger and the ITF Futures series. At the ITF level alone, five different performance levels are played.

Tennis bets are basically available for the respective singles and doubles matches. By the way, the unofficial team world championships, i.e. the Davis Cup for men and the FED Cup for women, are also included in tennis sports betting.

Sports betting on tennis – the markets

Those who talk about the tennis betting, of course, usually mean the classic two-way market. The betting option is simple to understand. You simply bet on which player will win the match, nothing more, nothing less. Depending on the performance level, the opponents have different odds. If an even match is to be expected, the betting offers level off between 1.85 and 1.95 in each case.

Our tennis sports betting experience has shown that the majority of users prefer the main betting version. However, we recommend that you take a broader look at the tennis betting tips. In the so-called frame offer there are numerous, additional options, often equipped with even better and, above all, easier to assess betting odds. In the following, we would like to briefly introduce you to some selected tennis betting options.

Over/Under bets

The over/under tips are available in the set and match version. If the match is played in the “Best of Three” mode – i.e. on two winning sets – you can bet on Over/Under 2.5. The offers on the number of games are available for the complete match as well as for the single set. With a few very good tennis betting bookmakers you can even bet on the number of rallies. The typical over/under tennis offers on the games in the match vary between 17.5 and 24.5 – depending on the match.

Handicap betting

Handicap tennis tips come mainly in two versions. If you play on the sets, the bet is usually equal to the bet on the exact result. (The only difference is in the men’s Grand Slam tournaments, which are played on three winning rounds). Furthermore, there are handicaps for the lead related to the individual service games, separated by set and match.

Set and result betting

Basically, all tennis bets are playable on individual sets. In addition, odds are offered for the exact result, i.e. 2:0, 2:1, 1:2 or 0:2. Result bets are also available on the set results, i.e. 6:4, 6:3 or similar.

Other tennis tips for individual matches are, for example:

Who will win the first break in the match or set?
How many service games against over a deuce?
Is a tiebreak played in the match – yes or no?
Who will win the first point or the first service game?
Tournament and player betting
We would not like to forget the tennis bets in the long-term area. In our experience, you can usually bet on the major Grand Slam tournaments many months in advance. If a major tournament is finished, you can already find the betting odds for the Grand Slam in the next day. The tournament tips for the smaller events are usually inserted shortly before the start of the games in the previous week.

Furthermore, there are so-called player bets for the season highlights. For example, you can bet on when Alexander Zverev will be eliminated from the tournament, in the opening match or in the quarter- or semi-finals. For each round, each player has a separate betting odds.

The odds for tennis betting

Speaking of odds. What betting odds can I expect on tennis? Our assessment at this point is more than positive. Due to the popularity of tennis betting tips, bookmakers work with above-average odds keys. At the Grand Slams or at other top tournaments, it is not uncommon for the odds key to rise to over 96 percent.

In the case of the lower-class ITF matches, the mathematical payout estimates are of course somewhat lower, but are always well above the 90% line for a reputable betting provider.

The limits for tennis sports betting

When it comes to the design of the limits for the tennis tips, a similar scheme can be seen as in the odds area. Tennis plays financially in the top league. The possible betting amounts are of course based on the value of the tournaments, but under certain circumstances the stakes can be really high. At the best tennis betting providers, the maximum win limit is 250,000 euros up to 500,000 euros, per betting slip.

Tennis promos and bonuses

Let’s switch directly to the next plus point of tennis tips. You are looking for a tennis betting bonus? You will find it. Especially during the Grand Slam tournaments, the betting providers reach deep into the casket of promos. You will have the chance to get one or the other free bet or cashback insurance on a daily basis.

With some bookmakers, the tennis bonus offers extend over the entire season. If you wander through the betting provider landscape with open eyes, you will permanently find tennis betting vouchers. Some online providers even go one step further. They offer odds boosts for tennis tips, additional winnings for combination tips or, in the reverse case, combination bet hedges.

Kick tip: Form your personal tennis bet

Meanwhile, you can use special tennis betting configurators at some bookmakers. You can form several markets of a match on a tip slip to an individual, personal tennis bet. Example:

Novak Djokovic wins the match
Rafael Nadal wins every first set
More than 30.5 games are played in the match
At least one set goes to a tiebreak
Novak Djokovic gets the first break
The betting odds are of course gigantic due to the combination of markets.

The tennis live betting

It is impossible to imagine the bookmakers’ live center without tennis. Due to the high number of matches, tennis is one of the dominant live sports. Our test has shown that the pre-match offers are almost always completely transferred to the live area, that is – the portfolio extends from the Grand Slams down to the ITF series in singles and doubles.

We don’t want to forget that numerous bookmakers also broadcast the tennis matches in their in-house livestream. You will have players on your screen that you always free TV almost never get to see a tennis broadcast.

Tips & Tricks: How to bet successfully

How to make your own tennis sports betting successful? No, of course there is no one-size-fits-all winning strategy. However, you should take our small tips & tricks to heart.

Betting analysis of the players: Try to analyze the current performance (form) of the players exactly. Don’t just look at the world rankings, but concentrate on the games in the past days and weeks.
Value of the tournament: Pay attention to the value of the tournament. Is there a highlight in the coming week? Then be careful with favorite tips. There are some players who play the smaller tournaments more as a preparation or training purpose.
Consider the surface: Include the court in your betting considerations. Some players prefer the fast grass or hard courts, while others feel right at home on the slow clay.
Make odds comparison: The odds comparison before the tennis betting tip is a must. It means cash plus or minus for you.
Include promos in the strategy: Try to incorporate the promos of the bookmakers into your tennis betting strategy. If you can bet for free, then go for it.
Prefer single bets: Concentrate on solo bets without exception. Do not underestimate the risk of combos. Each additional bet selection increases the probability of losing.

Questions and answers about tennis tips

In our FAQ section we have again summarized some important questions about tennis sports betting.

Does every sports betting provider have tennis in their portfolio?

Yes, no good and reputable sports betting provider does without tennis betting.

Is a pure tennis betting strategy worthwhile?

Yes and off. Due to the high number of matches and the associated betting options, pure tennis betting systems can be played flexibly and profitably.

When do I ideally place live bets?

Live tennis betting odds change almost every second. Our experience has shown an ideal betting time. If the favorite serves at the beginning, the live bet is worthwhile. The odds increase immediately. Bet on the favorite to turn the set or match around.

Are pure favorite bets recommended?

No. Especially in the first rounds of the big tournaments, the favorite tips are often under-quoted due to the differences in performance. It makes sense to switch to handicap bets.

Can the bonus be released with the tennis tips?

Yes and no. Tennis bets are the ideal way to clear a betting bonus. Due to the 2-way version, your probability of winning is significantly higher than, for example, with soccer. In addition, balanced matches with high odds can still be predicted accurately with a little expertise.

Is there fraud in tennis betting?

Betting fraud or just a bad day? The question is asked again and again in tennis. It is true that there are only two players on the court. The form of the day is crucial and can be bad. There has been some cheating in the past, but mostly in the lower division. However, cheating has mainly occurred in individual rallies or matches. If you bet on the major tournaments or on the main markets, there is no significant risk.

Conclusion on tennis sports betting

Tennis sports betting is not without reason in second place behind soccer betting in the disciplines ranking of bookmakers. As a customer, you have some huge number of tennis tip possibilities on the screen especially at the beginning of the week in the first rounds of the tournaments. The betting range is brilliant in both breadth and depth. You can bet on all relevant tennis matches worldwide, even rather unimportant comparisons. The betting odds are consistently at an above-average level. Free tennis bets are by no means a rarity due to the numerous promo offers. The tennis tips are also the ideal variant to fulfill the bonus conditions of a new customer bonus.