Bankroll Management

Set your betting capital

At the beginning of your membership, determine exactly how much capital you want to use to play our betting tips. It is important that you only take money that you do not need in the short or medium term and whose loss you can cope with in the worst case. A loss should not cause you problems with not being able to pay your monthly expenses. Think of depositing with a betting company much like a longer-term investment in a stock.

“Eat your betting money, but don’t bet with your lunch money!”

Further, it is important to me that you realize that you will not become financially independent, let alone rich, overnight. My analyses are an investment in the future with much better returns than you get on the stock market or at your bank. We do not gamble, we place our bets on the betting market.

I can’t look into your wallet, but I recommend that you start with at least 200€ in order to cover the monthly costs of my service and at the same time to make a decent profit.

What and how much is a unit?

In Units (German “Einheiten”), I specify the stake on each betting tip. The more units are set on a betting tips, the safer I am with the respective betting tip. I specify the stake in units, because each of my members has a different bankroll. Member A may start with 200€, member B with e.g. 2.000€. Of course, they can’t both bet the same amount in Euros on the respective betting tips, hence the solution of units.

Determine the amount of your bet per unit based on your risk tolerance. Please use the following table, which I have been using for years. The table has been extensively tested and proven over the years. Please stick to it without fail.

Use per unit



2% per unit low risk slowly increasing profit
3% per unit balanced (recommended) reasonably increasing profit
4% per unit high risk (not recommended) high profit opportunity


I strongly recommend that you bet 3% per unit on our betting tips. With this you will drive safely in the long run. I only recommend the 4% per unit plan if you use our betting tips while you have a deposit bonus open to implement. After that, please switch to the 3% plan.

I recommend the 2% per unit plan for you if you are very safety oriented and at the same time have a higher bankroll from 2500€ upwards. With this you never take high risk, but still generate profits that taste good.

You should adjust your stake per unit every week Monday based on your capital. If you choose the 3% per unit plan for you and have a starting capital of 200€, you bet 6€ per unit in week one. Assuming you have a balance of 220€ on Monday after your first week, you will bet 6.60€ (3% of 220€) per unit from the second week on. If a week doesn’t go so well and we make a loss in the week, you adjust your bet downwards. So, for example, if we stand at 180€, your bet in the following week will be 5,40€ (3% of 180€).

“Sports betting is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!”

I lay out the cooperation with my customers in the long term. There are also loss phases, no question. The important thing is to stay on the ball at all times and cosequently follow through with your bankroll management. Never try to compensate for bad days with higher stakes on the following day. This is usually the beginning of the end.

In the following example I have assumed a term of three months with an average profit of three units per week to illustrate what is possible with consistent play.